TAT helping children in Nakuru
TAT helpinghomless children in Nakuru
TAT providing a sae place for children in Nakuru
TAT helping homeless children in Nakuru
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Think About Them [TAT] and what it’s about

TAT is a community based organization (CBO) working towards improving the status of children in Nakuru, Kenya with special emphasis on the welfare of children living on the street. The charitable work of Think About Them is supported by Friends of Think About Them – a UK Registered Charity Number 1168956


Who we are
  • TAT Dan Kanja

Our Mission

Think About Them (TAT) actively works with children living on the streets helping them to address their own challenges of being at high risk of contracting HIV/AIDS, homelessness and illiteracy. By so doing, we can help these children become managers of their own lives rather than victims of circumstances.


Supporting us

TAT providing food and shelter for children on the streets KenyaWhat your donation will help with

Being a small organization we are able to directly provide food and support for the street children of Nakuru, vulnerable children who will survive with the help of individuals like you.

TAT is registered in Kenya as a Community Based Organisation (CBO), registration number: NXV/DSS/CBC/267

Thank you for considering making a donation to TAT


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We believe that every child deserves a chance of a decent life, free from hunger, free from danger, and free to be the children they were born to be!

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