TAT Dan Kanja


My name is Dan.

I am a Kenyan man born and brought up in Kenya as a firstborn in a family of seven children. I am a husband and a father of two.  I am an artist and a social worker.

I am passionate about assisting individuals to become managers of their own lives and not victims of circumstances surrounding them, especially children and young people.

Due to instability at home and domestic conflict, I went to school late thus skipping Early Childhood Development Education encompassed in the Kenyan 844 education system.  I spent part of that period of 3 years on the streets, although this was on a part-time basis whereby I used to go back “home” later in the evening.  Since I left school I have been doing some socio-economic and health interventions for both personal and community wellbeing. I have attained this through theatre, arts, visual arts, and puppetry.